The British born Ivorian, premier Afro-European Jewish hip hop act precursor of the activist Soul liberation Movement (otherwise coined RevoluZion) has set himself out of the music industry game to be the real deal under YZ Records with a new release “Liberator”, Sev LeSaved is the real deal particularly in the present cannibalistic music industry as well as in our shaky society full of uncertainty generally speaking.

He caught our attention not just because he’s the premier Afro-European Jewish Hop-hop act or has some interesting concept and very specific, lyrical clever song writing style but rather the buzz around him which are all concluding that he’s one of the rare artists left in the industry who lives out what his profile says without acting it. He handles very well his multi- tasked and multi facet personality, as Ivorian born British, Black Jew “songwriter, singer, rapper, composer, producer” urban griot (West African public speaker, cantor) activist. Sev Le Saved. has a clear vision of his mission which he is currently implementing.. As a medium of the liberating power to set the oppressed and captives free through music depicted in his up coming single “Liberator” his activism is also well demonstrated in the “Liberator tour” to help the Ivorian refugees in Liberia, Ghana and Togo on behalf of from mid July to early September 2013 . This is followed back to back by the fund raising campaign to help the Homeless Outreach Project providing emergency and social reintegration services to the homeless of Kharkov, Ukraine during the Liberator tour picking up in mid September 2013 . He does not stop there since he’s opening blind eyes (of those blinded by the wrong enlightment which turned out to be darkness) through the depth, high and the width on his lyrics . And that he relates in the title “Matiere Grace”. The challenges of .restoring the distorted truth and being the bridge, bringing together “people of all nation and tongues in a multitude as one nation strong singing the same unconditional love song” as he says in the unreleased track “Y” are therefore met when he crosses continents to fulfil his mission as can see. Musically speaking he proves again that he’s in lone with his biography since its styles range from Rock, Hip-hop, Jazz, alternative, world music Classical, Reggae, Soul., Afro Beat, Latin, although he’s very often classified as Hip-Hop artist. These might explain his very specific, lyrical clever songwriting style intertwining French and English as well as Hebrew and Ivorian language sometime to make sense even to those who do not speak the one or the other language. So if being in contact whether musically of though activism with the premier Afro European Jewish Hip-Hop tames our manners , relieve our soul spirit and body from every burden, elevate and entertains our mind while educating us then he’s indeed the real deal. And it’s not an exaggeration seeing him as one implementing the vision of Martin Luther King giving the fact the American Jewish Heritage Month quoted him in April 2012 as reference of cultural and racial barriers breaker.


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